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2.5 inch Disk Holder from Synology

The 2.5 inch Disk Holder from Synology is a must have if I am about to install a 2.5 SSD Intel hard disk into a DS112+. I have not bought a DS112+ but I am strongly considering this in order to have a dedicated NAS for some of my websites that I have hosted on my preferred web host.

I do have problem with my ISP as the current download and upload is 40/3 Mbit which I am afraid will not perform that well, so I will have to buy some upload and that is expensive. I will have to buy at least 2 Mbit upload for a decent performance.

The 2.5 inch Disk Holder from Synology is quite easy to install in a Synology DiskStation and most models from Synology are supported. 1-bay, 2-bay and 4-bay models from Synology can have this disk holder deployed.

I have an Intel 320 160 GB SSD that I am not using so this disk will be placed in the DS112+ if I decide to buy the DS112+ from Synology as my new dedicated web server.
I can definitely see the benefits of af 2.5 inch hard disk deployed in a Synology DS112+ instead of an regular 3.5 inch hard disk.

  1. More quiet with a 2.5 inch hard disk even more if a SSD is installed.
  2. The power consumption is decreased.
  3. Max performance if the hard disk is a SSD.
  4. May increase the reliability.

My DS211+ is still going strong so I will not sell it as it still provide me with some valuable software services but not any website hosting so a new DiskStation from Synology will be dedicated web server and nothing else.

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