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Apple Mac Pro release 2013

Apple has confirmed that they will upgrade the Mac Pro desktop in 2013 and I think the upgrade will be released in March or April and we will see new Cinema Display’s also.
This is just another Mac rumor but I do think that Apple will have the kindness to release a new Mac Pro in the spring of 2013.
I am in the need of fast desktop computer so a new Mac Pro will be good news for me.
I have already saved some money for a new desktop computer and if I am about to buy a Mac Pro I will need between 2 – 3000 US dollars just for the basic components. I can always upgrade the RAM, graphics, hard disks and so on if needed. But I do have to save some more money in order to buy this machine.
BUT I must say that you can get a lot of computer components for a Intel based Microsoft Windows or Linux PC for half the price of the Mac Pro.
You can get a fantastic homemade PC for 2000 US dollars made of quality hardware but you will have to build it yourself.

Why is the release date in March or April?

First of all I do NOT consider this website to be another Mac rumor site but I do think that I want to share my thoughts on the Mac Pro release this year.
In the four years that I hav e been following Apple and their products releases their seems to be some sort of a pattern:

  • The release of new Mac computers almost always occurs in the first 6 months of a year.
  • The release of new iPads almost always occurs in the first 6 months of a year.
  • The release of new iPhone’s and iPod’s almost always occurs in the last 6 months of a year.

The Mac Pro will most likely be released along with a brand new Apple Cinema Display that will be based on the same concept as the screen on the iMac’s from 2012.

I do think that I will have to write a post about what I can expect from the Mac Pro 2013.

The hardware that I am going to spend some money this year is the following:

  • A brand new fast desktop computer (An Apple Mac Pro or Linux PC).
  • A brand new 4 bay Synology NAS unit.

So my first Apple Mac rumors is now in the open. I do not know if it will be the last one but there will be some time before I release another one. Apple do not disappoint me and upgrade the Mac Pro this year.

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