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Data Center Security (1)

Introduction- What is the Purpose of a Data Center?

A data center refers to a room or a building that comprises multiple IT equipment such as servers, computer systems, power supplies, cooling systems, networking appliances etc. Larger IT firms have their own data centers whereas small firms take the necessary services from the third-party data centers. A data center plays a very vital role in running the IT operations smoothly.

In this article, we will talk about some of the most common threats to a data center. We will state some of the most effective measures of securing a data center and finally.

Common Threats to a Data Center:

Some of the most common threats to a data center are as follows:

●      Viruses: Viruses are the software designed by the cybercriminals in order to cause harm to your computer systems. Once the activity of a virus is initiated, it self-replicates itself.

●      Malware: Malware is also a software just like a virus but the only difference is that malware does not require human intervention to initiate it rather it works independently.

●      Denial of Service (DOS) Attack: It is defined as the situation in which the requests of legitimate users are denied because the server is already overwhelmed with false requests.

●      Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attack: It is defined as the giant and more powerful version of the DOS attack because, in a DDOS attack, multiple slave machines are made to send false requests to a server and hence render it useless for the legitimate traffic.

●      Natural Calamities: Natural disasters such as flood, earthquakes, hurricanes etc. can also prove to be very harmful to the data and equipment housed in a data center.

Mentioned above are just some of the threats that have the potential to harm your data center but in reality, there exists a tremendous number of such threats.

Measures to Secure a Data Center:

In order to secure your data center, you need to take into consideration both the physical preventive measures as well as the virtual preventive measures. Some of the most crucial ways to secure your data center are listed below:

➢    Build your data center at a physically safe place i.e. the location of your data center should be such that it is far away from the city hassle. Moreover, the natural scenery should also protect it such as trees and rocks so that it is not visible from a distance.

➢    There should be redundant copies of the sensitive data residing in a data center so that data can easily be recovered any time without any problem.

➢    Security cameras should be installed everywhere in a data center to keep a continuous check on all the activities happening within the premises.

➢    The servers should be protected with Firewalls to avoid all kinds of criminal intrusions.

➢    Every single person entering the data center should pass through a comprehensive security check so that no unauthorized personnel can gain access to your data center.

➢    Fire alarms and fire extinguishers should be installed in a data center to save your equipment in case of fire.  

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