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Expansion units for your Synology NAS

If you need more disk space on your existing Synology NAS do not buy a new one, instead buy an expansion unit and thereby increase the storage capacity. An expansion unit can be a good solution if you run out of disk space or you want to have a backup solution for the data on your NAS.

Synology has just released two new expansion units that will assist you in adding more storage capacity to your existing Synology NAS:

  • DX513 – Increase the capacity with five additional hard disks.
  • DX213 – Increase the capacity with two additional hard disks.

It is not all Synology NAS servers that can use these expansion units so check if your Synology NAS is designed to support an expansion unit. If your NAS is equipped with an eSATA interface the odds for adding an expansion unit should be pretty good. But do read this from Synology before buying an expansion unit.


With the DX513 you have the opportunity to add up to five hard disks to your existing NAS. For some Synology NAS models you can add two expansion units. The DS1812+ and DS1512+ can handle two DX513 expansion units.
Find more informations about the Synology DX513 here.


With the DX213 you have the opportunity to add up to two hard disks to your existing NAS.
The DX213 is one of the smallest expansion units but it can still be a good backup solution for your data even though it only will increase the hard disk capacity by two hard disks.
Find more informations about the Synology DX213 here.

 If you currently are using the DX513 or the DX213 I would be glad to know what good or bad experiences you have. I do not have the need for an expansion unit but I think the expansion concept is very interesting and useful.

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