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I need to replace my MacBook Pro laptop with a fast desktop

I love my MacBook Pro but there are things that are starting to anoy me: noise and speed. There some scenarios were I just get so frustrated I am using my MacBook Pro. When I use the machine for software development or using the Airplay function to render a movie on my TV it is very often the case that my MacBook Pro with 16 GB RAM, a fast SSD and semi fast CPU is under heavy load. For some reason I am not able to find the root cause but some indications points to a hardware problem which is not good at all. I changed my Intel 520 SSD with a OWC SSD and I must say that I have experienced some strange behaviours in Mac OS X since then:

  • Unexpected screen black outs
  • Unexpected OS log outs
  • Suddenly heavy load

These problems might not disappear when I get a new computer but a new computer is always a good thing. My problem is what to choose. Since I switched from Windows to Mac I promised myself not to go back to Windows but I might just buy a highend Intel based computer and install some sort of Linux distribution.
I would love to get a Mac Pro but it is not cheap. You can get PC which has the same specs as Mac Pro for half the price of a Mac Pro but then you will not get Mac OS X unless you create a hackintosh computer. I have been looking at some of the golden hackintosh builds at tonymacx86 and I must say thät I am keen to get a computer with that much power and Mac OS X for a lot less than a Mac Pro.

I would love to develop software on an extremely fast desktop with a lot of memory, fast CPU(s) and fast SSD’s.

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