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Just bought a LaCie eSATA Thunderbolt Hub for my daisy chain setup

I just bought a LaCie eSATA and Thunderbolt Hub for 199 US dollars in order to put my non Thunderbolt Apple Cinema Display at the end of a daisy chain. Daisy chaining is a wiring scheme where devices are connected in sequence or in a ring. I have also bought an Apple 27″ Thunderbolt Cinema Display (ATCD) as the second display on my desk. I have always wanted two big displays on my desk and now I can have this setup eventhough I have an old Apple 27″ Cinema Display with no Thunderbolt (ACD).

My initial setup was simply to buy an Apple 27″ Thunderbolt Cinema Display and connect it to my MacBook Pro and then connect my old 27″ Apple Cinema Display to the Thunderbolt Cinema Display, but the non Apple Thunderbolt Cinema Display will NOT light up with this setup because there is no Mini DisplayPort throughput from the Apple 27″ Thunderbolt Cinema Display to the non Thunderbolt Apple Cinema Display. So the solution that is needed in order to fix this issue is to insert a Thunderbolt device with Mini DisplayPort throughput like the Lacie eSATA Thunderbolt hub.

My daisy chain setup

As I previously wrote I had to insert the LaCie eSATA Thunderbolt Hub between the Apple Thundbolt Cinema Display and the Apple Cinema Display with no Thunderbolt in order to make both displays light up. So the setup now looks like this:
Apple MacBook Pro 15″ → Apple Thunderbolt Cinema Display → Lacie eSATA Thunderbolt Hub → Apple Cinema Display.
It is bit frustrating that I will have to insert a Thunderbolt Hub in the daisy chain in order for the ACD to work but then I will have a fast hub on the desk. This new daisy chain setup will require more power so I will have to change the power setup around my desk but this is going to be fantastic to have this setup.

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