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LG N4B2ND4 NAS storage from LG with Blu-Ray

I am always on the look out for new NAS devices and last day I was told to check out the NAS devices from LG and the devices look interesting.
My first impression was the cool design. The white plastic cover and the aluminum front looks surprisingly nice.

The LG N4B2ND4 4-bay NAS looks fantastic and I must say that the built-in Blu-Ray drive is a feature that I have not seen in a NAS before.
What is a Blu-Ray drive doing in a NAS some might say.

The LG N4B2ND4 has a suggested price that says 850 US Dollars which is pricy but a quick look at the features tells the pricy story. 4 TB storage, Blu-Ray drive and Intel Atom Dual Core CPU and 1 GB memory cost some money.

Check some of the LG N4B2ND4 NAS specifications below.

LG N4B2ND4 specifications

  1. Blu-Ray drive. Great for data backup. Very cool feature.
  2. Intel Atom Dual Core 1.6GHz. Very powerful.
  3. 1024 MB memory. I guess you can run a Tomcat application server with OK performance on this NAS with that much memory installed.
  4. 4 TB data storage included. 4 hot-swappable hard drives. Multiple RAID configurations are available.
  5. Gigabit ethernet.
  6. 3 USB 2.0 ports.
  7. Extremely cool design.
  8. Embedded Linux as OS.
  9. Web based interface.
  10. Power consumption: 38 W in action.

The LG N4B2ND4 is nice looking and it is powerful but very expensive. Go for a Synology or QNAP NAS instead. They will give you more value for the money.

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