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My Book Thunderbolt Duo from Western Digital

Western Digital reasonly released the My Book Thunderbolt Duo which is a RAID device using the latest high speed data transfer technology called Thunderbolt. I have previously written abolut LaCie Thunderbolt device that was one of the first Thunderbolt storage devices that could be daisy chained and thereby create a sequence of storage devices. I was and still am a big fan of the LaCie Thunderbolt storage so I had to learn more about the My Book Thunderbolt Duo from Western Digital because it has similar specifications as the LaCie device. Unlike the LaCie Thunderbolt device it is very easy to change the hard drives in My Book Thunderbolt Duo.
The Western Digital My Book Duo has a simple and clean design. It will fit nicely in most homes and offices.

My Book Thunderbolt Duo specifications

  • Powered by Thunderbolt
  • RAID 0 (striping), 1 (mirroring) and JBOD.
  • Daisy chaining.
  • Easy to replace the hard drives.
  • A storage capacity: 4 TB or 6 TB.
  • Price: about 700 US dollars.

All of the Thunderbolt devices that I have seen does not inlcude a Thunderbolt cable in order to connect the device with your computer. Why is that? It must be Intel that wants to earn some extra money here.

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