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My Lacie eSATA Thunderbolt is working as expected

My brand new Lacie eSATA Thunderbolt is working great as expected. I can now daisy chain my non Thunderbolt Apple Cinema Display (ACD). No need to buy an extra Thunderbolt Cinema Display (ATCD) in order to get two Apple Cinema Displays. This is just great and I am very happy with the setup.

I have owned several Lacie external hard disks and they have all worked great so I do know the quality of the Lacie products. Lacie do make some fine hard disks with a nice design that will fit on most desks.
The Lacie eSATA Thunderbolt is hub is a bit hot but nothing compared to my MacBook Pro that is capable of getting extremely hot when demanding processes are running. The Lacie hub has a great design in my opinion. I do like the big blue power led and the aluminum enclosure (perfect cooling).

In all the Lacie eSATA Thunderbolt hub is a great hub for your daisy chain and your ACD can be useful as the second display if the display is connected to the Lacie hub. It is much cheaper to buy a Lacie hub than buying a Lacie Thunderbolt hard disk, a Promise Pegasus storage or a Western Digital My Book Thunderbolt Duo. The Lacie hub costs about 200 US dollars and is much cheaper than a storage device with thunderbolt.

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