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NAS for Apple Mac computer

Are you the lucky or for some unlucky owner of a Apple Mac (MacBook, Mac Pro, iMac etc.) and you want to buy your first NAS device that is Mac compatible, there are things your future NAS device must be able to handle.
You do not want a NAS that will not communicate with your Mac.
You can be 100 procent of Mac compability if you buy a Apple Time Capsule and put it on your network, but Time Capsule does not has the same amount of features as Synology or QNAP NAS devices. That is why I don’t have a Time Capsule.
Things to look for if want a Mac compatible NAS:

  • AFP (Apple Filling Protocol).
  • Go for a browser based administration interface that will make the NAS administration more or less OS Independent.

If I were to recommend a 1-bay NAS to use with a Mac computer I would recommend Synology DS112j. If there is money for a 2-bay NAS I would recommend a Synology DS212+ or a QNAP TS-219P.

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