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Ordered an OWC SSD today

I am running out of disk space on my MacBook Pro. Currently I have only 20 GB left on my 180 GB Intel 520 SSD, so I ordered an OWC 480 GB Solid State Disk today. Hopefully I will have this disk by the end of the week. I can not wait to see this disk in action and get some disk space.
To be specific I ordered this disk: OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD 480GB 6G. Rumor has it that should be a little faster than the 520 SSD’s from Intel. I have never owned a Solid State Disk that was not from Intel but now I am going to buy an OWC disk.

I have read some very positive reviews about the quality and the performance when it comes OWC disk. Anandtech and Mac Performance Guide have both been very excited about the OWC Solid State Disks.

Since I live in Europe I have bought the disk from I do think it would be to expensive to buy the disk directly at OWC’s webshop due to tax, transport, VAT and so on.
Some times I do wish I lived in the US because many gadgets are so cheap compared to European prices.

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