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Recently moved from Macports to Homebrew on my Mac

For some time I was using Macport as the easiest way to install and manage common libraries and utilities that are not bundled with Mac OS X. Usually I did not have that many problems with Macports and was actually happy with the usage. But then a colleague of mine showed me Homebrew I was pretty excited and I must say I was blown away how easy it was to use and manage. I really liked the idea that you can place the Homebrew installation anywhere you like. I do not think you have that option with Macports.

One major difference between Homebrew and Macports and the reason why I now prefer homebrew is that, it will not overwrite things that should be installed “natively” in Mac OS X. This means that if there is a native package available, homebrew will notify you instead of overwriting it and causing problems further down the line. This is actually quite nice.
Another thing I really like about Homebrew is the git integration. It is all git and Ruby under the hood. I am a big fan of git.

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