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RND2110 READYNAS DUO NAS from NETGEAR is a cheap 2 bay NAS with some good features. Cheap in this case is less than 200 US dollars for a NAS with 1 TB storage.
The RND2110 is in my opinion a good beginner NAS for home users. For business I definitely recommend a Synology NAS or a QNAP NAS that will provide more features for business use.

When you buy the RND2110 you will get 1 TB hard drive but it is possible to add another hard drive and I do recommend a NAS with at least two hard drives in order to use a RAID 1 so disk failures is handled properly.
What I do like about the RND2110 is the rock solid NAS chassis like the QNAP NAS devices.

The power consumption is bad. 60 W is way to much for a 2 bay NAS.

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