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SSD Trim Enabler for Mac OS X

If you have a Solid State Drive (SSD) in your Mac and the SSD is Sandforce driven I will recommend you to enable TRIM for you SSD in Mac OS X.
I love Solid State Drives and my MacBook Pro and my Mac Mini which both have SSD’s (Intel 520 – 180 GB and Intel 310 – 160 GB) and both disks deliver great performance and stability. TRIM is especially a good thing when it comes to my Intel 520 SSD which has a Sandforce controller.

2 months ago I downloaded the Trim Enabler for Mac OS X and the application works with Mac OS X Mountain Lion. What the application does it that it enables TRIM on Mac OS X so that it is possible for the operation system to do some house keeping on the SSD.

What is TRIM?

TRIM is a operation system command that will inform the SSD when it can remove unused blocks of data and thereby increase the write performance in the future. TRIM is garbage collection of unused data blocks. Garbage collection is also well known process that new programming languages like Java and .NET uses in order to remove unused objects on the heap.

SSD write operations on blocks with existing data can decrease performance significantly and we do not want that. We want the SSD to perform at all time. The overwrite process on block level data can be very expensive on Solid State Drives.
TRIM is house keeping of the SSD.

Download and install TRIM Enabler

You can download the TRIM Enabler for Max OS X here. It is a small application and extremely easy to use.
Copy the application to the Applications folder and then start the application. Enable TRIM by selecting ON on startup. You might have to reboot your Mac.
I can not say that I know that the application is working well but many reviewers say that the application do work.
Good luck using the TRIM Enabler.

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