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Synology Cloud Station vs Dropbox. What to use?

I have been using Dropbox for some time now and Dropbox is a great way to store data in the cloud, and I do use Dropbox on my iPhone, iPad and Mac. In that way many of my files can be accessed on multiple devices. But I do NOT trust Dropbox when it comes protecting and snooping my data. So most of my data is encrypted BEFORE placed on Dropbox servers but files that contains data with no importance I do not encrypt.
For some time I have planned to create my own cloud via Synology Cloud Station. The whole concept by having my own cloud is total control of my data and that is something that is very important to me. The problem with having my own cloud is the maintenance and the setup which could lead to a bit more work but I do think it is time well spent.

Synology Cloud Station setup

Synology has made a very nice tutorial for setting up the Cloud Station on a Synology NAS device. Just follow the tutorial then you should be good to go. If you want to access the Cloud service from outside your local network you should make a port forward to port 6690 on your router. Remember to enable SSL.
Is is also possible to use Synology QuickConnect. With QuickConnect you just create a unique ID for your device, so you can access your data everywhere. With QuickConnect there is no need to portward to your router because you send your internal and external IP address to a server which stores this data for easy lookup. A nice service but I stick to port forwarding because I know it works.

I think I will go for a private cloud very soon but still have the Dropbox account. Creating a hybrid cloud could also be something to test. Synchronize the private cloud with Dropbox. It could very well work but this setup could be dangerous and should be tested, before actual use.

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