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Synology releases DSM 4.2 for NAS devices

Synology has just released the DSM 4.2 for all their NAS devices. Many new features are available. I downloaded the DSM 4.2 version last week and I have not found any bugs so far, so thumbs up for all you testers out there. Good job.
We NAS users have some (many) feature requests and I think Synology does a very good job implementing these features and acknowledge future demands.

Synology DSM 4.2

As usual a Synology DSM minor release like the 4.2 is full of new features. Just by looking at the release notes from Synology was quite overwhelming. A lot of work has been done here. So many features and I will list some of them here:

  • Storage Manager – Global Hot Spare Disks and S.M.A.R.T. Test Scheduler.
  • File Services for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Major performance improvements when data is transferred between devices.
  • Package Center – New design in order to browse packages.
  • LDAP/AD Accounts for business.
  • Task Scheduler – Automate tasks.
  • Bluetooth Support – Stream music with Bluetooth.
  • Firewall & Security – Denial of Service (DoS) Protection and Customized block and allow IP List.
  • Disk Usage Report.
  • And much more.

If you have a Synology NAS that can support this DSM update download and install the new DSM version.

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