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Synology releases the DSM 4.1 Beta Program

Synology releases the DSM 4.1 Beta Program and you can join it now by going to the following URL: I do recommend that you read the text carefully on the page before applying in order to understand what you are applying for.
Notice the following BEFORE you apply.

  1. The DSM 4.1 beta is for evaluation purpose only. It is suggested that you always back up data on your Synology NAS to other locations first. Synology holds no responsibility for any data loss caused by the DSM 4.1 beta.
  2. The DSM 4.1 beta is NOT REVERSIBLE (VERY IMPORTANT); you will not be able to downgrade the DSM on your Synology NAS to a previous version.
  3. The DSM 4.1 beta can only be applied to Synology NAS with DSM 4.0-2198 and onward.
  4. You are encouraged to report bugs and suggestions to the Beta Program manager.

Win a Synology DS212air

If you do a good job in finding bugs you maybe the lucky person that will receive a Synology DS212air as bonus for your work.
If you join the program good luck in finding bugs and help improve the stability of the Synology DSM.

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