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Synology supported hardware and software

The many NAS devices from Synology are build for home and business use so they must be able to have a large list compatible hardware devices that will communicate with them. Luckily such a large list of supported hardware exists at Synology’s website. Synology keep the list updated with new supported hardware and they do to list the hardware that are tested on Synology DiskStations. I am pretty sure that a lot more hardware will work together with Synology DiskStations so do not worry if your bought a piece of hardware that is not listed. You can find the supported list of both hardware and software here.

Do a quick Google search for this hardware and Synology in the same search query and you will definitely find someone that have tried a Synology DiskStation with that piece of hardware.
On the list you can the following hardware categories:

  1. Hard drives. Do use a hard drive recommended by Synology e.g. Western Digital.
  2. Routers.
  3. IP Cameras. Synology DiskStations support more than 1.000 models.
  4. USB Printers.
  5. USB Speakers.
  6. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) devices.
  7. Switches.
  8. DMA devices.

My Synology DS211+ has communicated with hardware devices that are not listed on the support list so do not worry too muc

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