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Use OpenDNS DNS servers instead of your ISP

For almost a year I have used the DNS servers from OpenDNS instead of the DNS servers from my ISP and I am actually glad that I changed.
As my Airport Extreme router is my home gateway this is the only device where I have changed the primary and secondary DNS server. So all Internet traffic goes through the OpenDNS servers which are placed at many locations all over the world.

OpenDNS is used by many so their services are reliable. I am pretty sure that the OpenDNS servers are faster at the name resolution operation than my ISP.

Benefits of OpenDNS

There are several benefits when you switch to OpenDNS DNS servers.

  1. Faster DNS name resolution. There are many OpenDNS servers and they are tuned and tweaked in order to deliver the best service.
  2. Secure web surfing. Phishing websites are blocked because OpenDNS knows most of them.
  3. Reliable. The many OpenDNS servers around the world will guarantee that even a DNS server is busy another one can be used for name resolution. Your ISP will not have that many DNS servers

Problems with DNS servers

The problems with DNS servers and most other servers are the logging. OpenDNS is a business and they want to earn money. They do that by selling logging data from their DNS servers to other companies. Your Internet usage will be given to US government if needed and not to the government from your country.
I know that my ISP is logging too so it is unavoidable.

OpenDNS IP addresses

The IP addresses to use for your router or your computer are the following:

  1. Primary DNS server:
  2. Secondary DNS server:

Here is a guide how to setup OpenDNS on your router or compu ter.

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