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Using Apple Time Machine for multiple computers

It is possible for Apple Time Machine to backup more than one
computer and this feature should be used if possible. If you have more
than one Apple computer that needs to have a backup I would strongly
recommend Apple Time Machine. Apple Time Machine handles multiple
computers perfectly.

I just bought a new MacBook Air and even
though the data on the new MacBook Air is not that different than the
data on my Mac Mini I still want to have the data backed up separately.
The backup for each computer is stored in a separate folder on the
associated Time Machine drive.

Currently my Time Machine backup is located on my Synology NAS211+ so my Apple Time Machine is always available on the network. NAS devices are perfect for backup solutions so use them.
You can use Apple Time Machine for multiple backups in the following ways:

  1. Use external hard disk: Backup the first Apple computer with the Time Machine hard disk and then backup the next computer.
  2. Use network backup (NAS): Assign the network Time Machine for each computer on the network and backup. Nice, simple and always available when connected to the network.
  3. Use Apple Time Capsule. Apple TIme Capsule is build for this purpose but it is a bit expensive and not that feature rich as a NAS server. The Synology NAS servers are powerful devices that will outmatch Apple Time Capsules in many ways in my opinion.

So to summarize: If you got more than one Apple computer you can easily use the same Time Machine backup.

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