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Where to place your NAS at home

March 30th, 2012

When you have bought a NAS it does matter where you place the NAS device in your home because like other electronic devices a NAS should be handled with care. If your NAS is running 24/7 and it has become one of the gadgets in your home that is used all the time you should place the NAS in a safe place. Here are some things to think about, when you are about to find a suitable location for your NAS look for adequate power, network access and cooling. These recommendations are based on my own experiences:

  1. Keep your NAS away from sun light.
  2. Keep your NAS away from children.
  3. Do not place the NAS where you can not hear the beeping sound from your NAS if it starts to beep.
  4. Place your NAS close to other devices such as routers, modems and so on.

My DS211+ is placed in a high bookcase where it is out of reach from children and away from sun light but still visible.

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